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An artificial intelligence and social robotics company called Furhat has dedicated the last four years to create a computer interface ,Tengai, the 16-inch tall robot-recruiter, meant to mimic human interaction. October 2018, the startup joined forces with TNG (the largest recruitment company in all of Sweden). Together they are trying to eradicate the inherent prejudices that keep so many potentially qualified employees from getting their dream jobs. 

Tengai wont be interested in idle small talk, or your gender or your race, or anything. The robot will conduct every interview the exact same way, in the exact same tone, using the same questions in the same order. Test runs to refine the process are still being conducted, but Tengai is getting ready to start later on this year.

If you’re interviewing with some level of AI (a chatbot, a video screen of an oddly perfect-looking humanoid, a voice call with an automated caller, etc.), make sure you treat this process jist as important as if you were dealing with a human. It can be tempting to put less effort into what can be percieved as a dehumanized interview process, but remember, at some point, a human will be reviewing your interview. If they think you’re not taking the preliminary interview seriously, you’re unlikely to get a call back for the in-person version.

With more companies than ever turning to AI to simplify and improve their hiring processes, the odds are ever greater that at some point during your job hunt you’ll have a robot interviewer. It’s the same level of prep, just a different focus. And whether you’re talking to a human or a robot, the goal is always to emphasize the stellar skills and experience that got you the interview in the first place. Do something you’ve been doing most of your life: Tell a story. Be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the skills, talents, experience, and strengths you have that are a match for their culture and the targeted position/department.

Good luck with your job search endeavors!

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