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Interruptions in productivity can take your business off course.  Our experienced HR experts hold professional certifications, advanced education and possess hands-on HR experience. We become your Human Resources (HR) Director, working with your onsite support staff to manage the standard human resources functions of your business. This works well for companies that have junior HR staff or for companies that do not have a dedicated human resources leader.  Your staff will receive oversight and guidance from our HR expert and legal counsel to ensure their procedures and processes are in compliance with state and federal regulations. We become a working member of your team, attend/host staff meetings, and maintain a presence onsite at your location.

We can assume the direction of the following key components to assist in successfully running your business:

  • Consistently and fairly applying HR policies.

  • Thoroughly reviewing Job Descriptions, Employee Handbook, forms, policies and procedures

  • Streamline employee services, keeping your team productive, allowing you to focus on your business.

  • Plan, direct and participate in scheduled meetings with staff

  • Administration of Employee Health & Welfare plans

  • Supporting Recruitment and Hiring efforts

  • Counseling, evaluating and recommending termination of employees as necessary (includes preparing necessary documentation)

  • Assist administrative staff in the managing of PTO/Sick/FMLA and Workers’ Comp

In addition, we can handle special Human Resources projects that can arise, such as:

•           Custom training to ensure your workforce understands its roles, responsibilities, and expectations

•           Investigate and Recommend Responses to Employment Disputes

•           Consultation Regarding Labor Relations Issues

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Clients often approach Rothmeyer | Rothmeyer Corporation with a general idea of what they need.

For companies that have Human Resources (HR) staff who may need guidance with the more complex issues, your staff will have access to HR expertise and consultative legal counsel to ensure procedures and processes are in compliance with state and federal regulations. We will be available whenever an issue or need arises.  We also play a proactive role in ensuring your human resources staff is aware and is addressing necessary legislative changes correctly.

For companies who have a dedicated HR leader on staff to manage the intricacies of employee management we provide security of having both legal counsel and human resources experts on a retainer to provide advice on demand. As a retainer client, we build a relationship with your Human Resources Team and become knowledgeable about your company, your industry and your unique operation. With this support you will be billed a discounted monthly rate.

What are the benefits of HR Guidance?

  • One flat monthly fee makes budgeting easy.

  • Every member of your staff recieives fast answers to HR and legal questions to help avoid problems before they occur.

  • No question or problem is “too small” – this helps assure small problems don’t become large problems.

  • HR expert and attorney work with key members of the company on unique challenges

  • Risk reduction achieved through our support can be packaged for presentation to your insurer and can help control your Workers’ Comp and Employment Practices Liability Insurance costs.

  • A unique mix of business, legal, and risk management experience. We understand how business is completed and we understand how to protect your interests while avoiding the disruptions and delays caused by employee issues.

  • HR expertise when needed for a fraction of the cost of hiring and carrying full time staff.

  • Our team will take the time to answer your questions, review your options, and effectively confront and resolve the legal issues you face.  We provide trusted, confidential counsel focused on achieving solutions.

  • Support can be canceled at any time for any reason with a 15-day notice.

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Having access to experienced legal counsel is critical to ensuring the continued success of your company. To protect your company and investments, along with experienced Human Resources (HR) professionals we provide our clients with the added benefit of an in-house Attorney for on-going counseling and support on your employment and HR related legal issues including:

  • Drafting/reviewing employment contracts, handbooks and/or policies

  • Consulting in administrative and judicial proceedings

  • Preparing litigation related documents; mediation, conflict and alternative dispute resolution

  • Preparation of and Disputes Relating to Non-compete and Confidentiality Agreements

  • Legal Representation for Employee Complaints of Harassment or Discrimination

  • Support in Termination Situations

  • Legal Representation for Wage or Unemployment Disputes

  • Advice Regarding Independent Contractor Status

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Even though you may have everything you need to succeed, occasionally you require additional resources and support to drive forward organizational effectiveness for the benefit of the staff, leadership and the community and to make a strategic jump to the next stage. At Rothmeyer | Rothmeyer our experts address the specific needs of your organization with the goal of making it easier for you to create and manage a work environment that delivers results and sustainable growth. To fuel your growth, we can provide you with:

  • Seasoned consultants who work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to implement strong practices that develop the infrastructure (systems, processes, structure, etc.) needed to effectively support Human Resources operations, paving the way to bridge the gap between vision and performance

  • Recommendations for enhancing your existing Human Resources services (includes step-by-step guidance on everyday concerns, such as employee relations, compliance and workforce development)

  • Recommendations for strategically aligning employee development, engagement and performance with organizational goals

  • Employee engagement surveys to assist you with improving employee satisfaction and drive organizational success

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Whether Human Resources (HR) related tasks are handled by a one-person team or with a fully staffed HR Department, we can provide auditing solutions that meet the needs of your company to assess employment practices, compliance and human resource functions. We help identify whether an HR department's specific practice areas or processes are adequate, legal and effective. The results obtained from this review can help identify gaps in HR practices, and assist your HR with prioritizing these gaps in an effort to minimize lawsuits or regulatory violations, as well as to achieve and maintain world-class competitiveness in key HR practice areas.   Completion of an HR audit enables you to:

  • Identify the beneficial and problematic areas of current employment practices

  • Strategically plan efforts needed for compliance and improvement

  • Create a model to guide administration on best employment practices and compliance with state and federal regulations

HR Audits examine the following key areas of the employment life cycle, compliance, and HR functions:

  • Talent Acquisition

  • On-boarding of new hires, including orientation

  • HR Administration (Best Practices & Compliance Assessments)

  • Employee information management (HRIS)

  • I9 Audit

  • Benefits Administration

  • Employment Practices

  • Education & Training

  • Time Off & Leave Management

  • Health & Safety

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation

  • Employee exit practices (e.g. resignation, termination)

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Audits

  • Payroll Tax Compliance Audits

  • Payroll Procedural Audits

  • Payroll System Optimization Audits

  • Training Program Assessments

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Overlooking employment laws and regulations or not following the proper protocol can lead to costly litigation and penalties.  Having access to experienced legal counsel is critical to ensuring the continued success of your company. To protect your company and investments, along with providing experienced Human Resources (HR) professionals we provide an added benefit of an in-house Attorney for on-going counseling and support on your employment and human resource related legal issues including providing you with:

  • An in-depth review of current workplace compliance, policies and procedures to ensure HR compliance with applicable legal requirements and comprehensive HR practices

  • A prioritized action plan that can help you avoid costly penalties and litigation

  • Development of Employee Handbooks and relevant policies and procedures that:

    • Provide for consistency in decision-making and operations

    • Demonstrate company values

    • Define timely and efficient actions and resolutions when an issue occurs

    • Provide a framework for business planning

    • Define the direction of the company

    • Provide a framework for performance assessment and accountability

    • Clarify functions and responsibilities

    • Improve communication for employees

    • Enhance engagement of the workforce

    • Provide for employment practice-related risk management

    • Clearly define your expectations for the workplace

    • Ensure both Federal and State regulations are followed to limit legal exposure and ensure regulatory compliance

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As a busy business owner, you wear many hats including growing your company, managing personnel and employee relations matters, and making hiring decisions.  Certain employment laws affect you as you grow.  We offer experienced Human Resource team to advise your HR staff, managers and specialists in many areas and provide services including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting employees in understanding policies and effectively using internal procedures

  • Providing confidential consultation and dialog regarding workplace employee/employer issues

  • Overseeing and conducting training and development initiatives on HR policies

  • Coordinating procedures on employee grievances

  • Coordinating investigative procedures on administrative complaints

  • Sexual harassment compliance

  • Performance/Discipline issues

  • State and federal wage and hour issues

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Family Rights Act (CFRA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issues

  • Unemployment

  • I-9 compliance

  • Compliance audits: wage and hour, EEOC, OSHA, ADA, FMLA, CFRA, workplace violence, personnel files

  • Advise and Implement Employment Best Practices

  • Advise and support for Employment Relations Issues

  • Provide updates on employment laws that affect you and your employees

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Are you succeeding in structuring a competitive compensation and employee benefit plans? 

We can partner with you on this delicate balancing act and assist you with: 

  • Reducing overall labor costs

  • Attracting qualified talent

  • Increasing Return on Investmenet (ROI)

  • Reviewing and analyzing current Compensation and Employee Benefit Plans

  • Reviewing job descriptions

  • Reviewing performance management and review strategies

  • Designing and developing Compensation and Employee Benefit Plans (based upon current labor market data, economic conditions and performance standards)

  • Enhancing employee satisfaction and performance

  • Salary Benchmarking

  • Compensation Strategy & Plan Designs

  • Short & Long Term Incentive Plans

  • Custom Salary Surveys

  • Salary Administration

  • Communicating Compensation Programs to Employees

Let us assist you in all these matters and more. Schedule a consultation at or contact us at (909) 477-1062.

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