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10 HR Inspiring Trends for 2019

Tom Haak, director of the HR Trend Institute ( talks about 10 important HR trends for 2019. Read the blog post at:

Great insights for 2019 from Tom Haak!

My comments:

Personalization is undoubtedly top-of-mind for employees. This reflected in their desire for benefits tailored to their own needs which, is driving a change to the mix of offerings.

Employees today don't want to be just another number; they want their employer to treat them as an individual and they need to feel appreciated and listened to. Employees are also requesting employers deliver a personalized benefits scheme, accommodating an employees individual interests and life goals. As retention is becoming a challenge for employers utilizing deep data insights into how employees use their existing benefits will help employers create the most robust package - instrumental for attracting and retaining talent and increasing engagement.

After all, culture includes what it’s like every day in the office; what workplace benefits you offer, like work-from-home days or catered lunches; how the company handles employee stress; and overall employee happiness.

HR managers should get granular with their offerings and make the smartest decisions they can about caring for the individual employee and overall growth of the organization.

Melissa Rothmeyer, SHRM-CP

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