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More businesses are moving into an exciting new phase of growth which can have huge implications on its operations. Focus needs to be on talent acquisition, attraction and retention, development, succession, talent and engagement.

Processes that worked well when there was a handful of employees are no longer feasible as your employee count grows.

Communication becomes more complicated as you grow, and the gap between what you can do yourself and what actually needs to be done if your team is to successfully grow seems clouded. It’s not unusual for growing companies to find themselves in a redundancy situation or having to let key people go as they are no longer the right skills or attitude fit for where the business is growing. This can be very stressful and emotionally draining.

Perhaps you have grown too big not to have access to HR but not yet big enough to recruit your own experienced HR professional.

Here are six tips for growing a successful business in relation to your talent management.

Number 1:

Recognize the risk and outsource your HR / Employment law to the professionals. Get access to HR professionals who you trust and who will support you not just with the challenging issues but importantly with the matters that will support your people and therefore your growth. You need trusted HR professionals who will grow with you and who are commercially sound and can quickly establish risks.


Develop your managers. Successful businesses get even better results when they invest in developing their teams’ people management skills. Increase managerial confidence and capability, increase team performance and as a result you will improve employee engagement and satisfaction.


Establish your employer brand. Developing a strong employer brand that speaks out to your target group is crucial to attract and retain the best talent. Having a strong employer brand that potential candidates can access at any time, especially online, allows them to see their potential fit to your company. It works both ways, it’s essentially the fit factor stage for you and potential candidates. Utilize HR professionals to develop your employer branding strategy that focuses on convincing talent that your business is the best next step in their careers.


Introduce an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). By looking after their wellbeing and supporting employees through the provision of EAP you can save time and money as well as protect yourself against litigation and gain a better understanding of the issues impacting on your employees.


Have a Workforce Strategy. It is critical to plan for the future while dealing with the growth challenges of the present. To remain competitive, a growing business needs to maintain a skilled work force. Assessing the critical skills needed by the business allows the company to ensure current and future employees possess the right skills to enable optimal business performance. Consider the current business plan and what’s on the horizon, reviewing current workforce & skills in relation to having the right people, at the right time in the right place with the right skills. Consider your talent pool and what succession planning is appropriate in your key roles.


Find a trusted HR Business Partner. Too often people related matters get lost in the midst of an expansion as revenue and headcount numbers continue to get larger and larger. You need to anticipate the effect on the business and the employees. Strong HR strategies, systems, and processes can help reduce the risk of costly inefficiencies and turmoil that may hamper your growth.

Rothmeyer Rothmeyer can be your trusted HR business partner and critical support working closely with your team to build capabilities, plan and manage talent, and develop an HR agenda that closely supports the overall goals and objectives of your growing business.

Contact us today at or 909-477-1062!

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