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Lasting Moments

There is no doubt that the actions taken by employers now will have a lasting effect on company culture and employee loyalty.

Employers and HR professionals everywhere, especially at this time of year, are normally concentrating on creating their trust and engagement surveys to measure employee content. The results of these surveys are utilized to strengthen their company culture and increase engagement and retention. I have seen the power of this process increase commitment to one another. Employers want happy, committed employees. Employees want to know that their employers CARE about them and are committed to making a culture that makes them want to perform their best.

In these unprecedented times employers are facing decisions that are extremely hard to make. Now more than ever is the time for employers to show who they are and how much they value people. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Be transparent, let employees know what you are facing even if you are uncertain of what the future holds. If you have to deliver unhappy news about the company and/or their employment status, also provide information and options for them (benefits, leave entitlements, unemployment, job sharing, other employment opportunities, etc.) Be a source of information and engagement. Send personal updates to them with the critical information they need or let them know they can find these updates on your website. These actions will help keep a positive, supportive connection, and lets them know you care about how they are impacted by the change and, most importantly for you, will gain their commitment when you need to re-open or ramp up production (and this will happen).

So, how will employees remember how you treated them in the moments ahead?

In a time of so much uncertainty, it is common to look for a sense of reassurance as well as sources of strength. Rothmeyer | Rothmeyer stands ready to help and are committed to providing crucial information and assistance to the community.

We know we will move through this challenging situation together!

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